What Agreement Did Elie and His Father Reach

Elie Wiesel`s memoir, “Night,” tells the heartbreaking story of his experiences as a teenager in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Throughout the book, we see the relationship between Elie and his father become strained as they struggle to survive in the brutal conditions of the camps. However, towards the end of the memoir, there is a moment of reconciliation between the two as they make an agreement that will change the course of their fate.

The agreement that Elie and his father reach is one of mutual support and protection. In the chapter “The Death March,” Elie and his father are among the thousands of prisoners forced to march towards Germany as the Allies approach. They are exhausted, hungry, and barely able to walk. Elie`s father is weak and ill, and Elie fears that he will not survive much longer.

In a moment of desperation, Elie approaches his father and makes a promise to him. He tells his father that he will not leave him, and that they will stick together until the end. Elie swears that he will do everything in his power to protect his father, even if it means sacrificing his own life. In return, Elie`s father promises to do the same for him. They agree that they will help each other in any way they can, and that they will not let the other fall behind.

This agreement is significant because it marks a turning point in Elie`s relationship with his father. Throughout the memoir, we see Elie`s growing resentment towards his father as he struggles to survive. At times, he feels like his father is holding him back, or that he is a burden. However, in this moment of vulnerability, Elie realizes that his father is all he has left in the world. He understands that their survival depends on their ability to support each other in the face of unimaginable cruelty.

In the end, the agreement that Elie and his father make helps them to survive the long and grueling march. They remain by each other`s side, and even manage to find small moments of joy amidst the suffering. Though they face many more challenges before the war comes to an end, the bond that they form in that moment of agreement helps them to persevere.

Overall, the agreement that Elie and his father reach is a testament to the power of love and human connection in even the darkest of times. It shows us that even in the face of unspeakable horror, there is always hope for humanity to prevail.

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