Use of SSD Chemical and Activation Powder

SSD chemical and activation powder are both money cleaning agents that are globally used for cleaning black, stained, inked, or defaced banknotes. Let’s learn more about them in this blog!

Due to the exchange of money on a large scale, the chances of money becoming stained, black, inked, and defaces are high than ever. But the use of SSD chemical and activation powder can easily do the cleaning job, and you can once again use the same money for further transactions.

What is SSD Solution and Activation Powder?

SSD Solution and Activation Powder are powerful and effective money cleaning agents. Activation powder is known to be an aqueous inorganic salt that is used in the blend of SSD solutions for completing black money cleaning. This compound reacts with SSD chemical solution and lifts the impurities from the banknotes.

How is SSD Chemical Solution Manufactured?

With the help of three power elements, SSD chemical solution is manufactured. They are Sodium chloride NaCl, Sulphated Ash 0.2% and Sulfuric acid H2SO4. And when you buy SSD chemical solution online from Mint SSD Solution, you get the best quality for sure.

What Can Activation Powder Do?

Activation Powder is a popular and potent white-colored powder that helps in cleaning banknotes. You can clean all types of currencies using this product, be it white, red, green, and blue.

Where to Buy SSD Chemical and Activation Powder?

If you want to buy SSD Chemical and Activation Powder, then Mint SSD Solution is the right choice to be made. We have completed all the orders without receiving any complaints until now. Just choose us and receive your complete order in a short timeframe.

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